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Ailing Lawns Demand Aeration

Ailing Lawns Demand Aeration

The first days of summer can wreak havoc on your lawn. High temperatures and erratic rainfall can mean scattered resources, leading to dry patches, dead grass and discolourations. Green grass seems like it should just happen naturally but this is almost never the case. Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires all the basic practices, along with a more heavy-duty approach like aeration. A professional aeration service digs deep into soils, creating passageways for necessary resources like water, oxygen and sunlight to pass through.

What Is Strangling Your Grass

It can be difficult to diagnose what is ailing your grass without a clear visual. Every year, property owners waste money on over-watering, re-sodding, fertilizers and other unnecessary treatment methods in an attempt to restore their lawns. The issue here is that it is nearly impossible to see what is going on below the surface. Thatch and compaction, for example, can go undiagnosed for long periods and are silent killers for lawns and gardens.

Thatch: occurs when roots, stones and other materials that create a tangled layer of organics that strangle healthy greenery from the roots up.

Compaction: is a phenomenon involving soil that is so tightly compacted that water and nutrients are unable to pass through. This means that lawns are left starving.

The aeration process uses machines to punch through these stubborn layers, allowing nutrients to get where they need to go. This is good news for your grass and great news for your property. Trust an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow expert to help boost your curb appeal and make the right first impression for homes and businesses within the community.

Why Choose Eenie Meenie Miny Mow

Choosing professional lawn and garden care means efficient service in a quick time period. It is possible to spend years on trial and error for DIY care but a trained eye can identify your problem areas quickly, eliminating the guess work. Our specialists arrive on scene with all the necessary tools to get results in a quick and efficient way. Because Eenie Meenie Miny Mow experts are local to your area, no one cares more about getting results than we do!

Ailing Lawns Demand Aeration