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Boosting Property Values

Boosting Property Values

In a thriving real estate market, it is important to know what buyers are looking for. Setting your home apart from the competition or getting the highest possible listing price is important, but so is sticking to your budget. Improving your outdoor space is a cost-effective way to add immediate value to your home or commercial space. 

When potential sellers are looking to sell their homes, many are quick to make improvements indoors to add value. While an updated kitchen might be a selling feature for some, not everyone has the same tastes. Interior design trends come and go but an attractive yard is always a great investment. 

How to Add Curb Appeal 

When viewing a property, first impressions are made in the first several minutes and that includes the walk up to a front door. If a yard is properly groomed and cared for, it is a good indicator that interior spaces have also been cared for properly, which is always a good sign. 

When considering the easiest way to add dollar signs to your listing, focus on manicured designs, maturity, plant size and diversity. 

Planning: When landscaping features are thrown-up or unplanned, they can look messy. Planting trees, shrubs or hedges can limit the amount of available space to construct garden beds or other features later on. Creating a masterplan for your space can help to eliminate regret later on. Coming up with a plan does not mean that it all has to be executed at one time but can be a great reference going forward. 

Maturity: While planting new greenery might seem like a great idea, not all potential buyers are keen on waiting years for plants to reach maturity. Shrubs, for example, can provide privacy when they are fully grown but this can take a long while to happen. 

Budget: When it comes to interiors, getting a return on investment means putting a lot of money into renovations. Outside, however, means more accessible upgrades. These exterior upgrades can happen over time if you are planning to build a long-term home but there are also things that can be accomplished with a quick turn around in mind. Something as simple as cutting fresh edges around a garden bed can help to lend a more manicured look. Regular fertilizer treatments can make lawns lush instead of patchy. Pops of colour are also an attractive addition and flowers can be purchased for a few dollars. 

Improving Your Space 

Whether you are looking to sell or are simply looking to add value to your current home, there is never a bad time to add in curb appeal. Simple guidelines might give you an idea but only a professional can help to build up your space. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts can help to create an ideal space for current homeowners and potential buyers. 

Boosting Property Values