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Building Barriers for Bugs

Building Barriers for Bugs

Gardening and lawn care are productive hobbies. Many property owners love to be outdoors getting their hands dirty, but it can be hard to enjoy when mosquitoes are constantly buzzing in your ear or biting at your exposed skin. Don’t let a few pests put an end to your enjoyment when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! instead!

As temperatures begin to warm, more and more Canadians are turning their attention outdoors. The sunshine might be inviting, but bothersome bugs tend to keep people inside. No one wants to be made a meal out of, but what can you do? Insects are a part of nature but thanks to our lawn and garden specialists, they do not have to be houseguests! Homeowners are quick to call in pest control to handle interior pest problems but when you want to treat your outdoor space, our specialists get better results outside by treating green spaces!

How It Works

Mosquitoes tend to hunker down around tall grass or sitting water, which makes your green space prime real estate! Our mosquito control problems make use of natural deterrents and essential oils to create an unpleasant environment for mosquitoes but an awesome atmosphere for people. Instead of introducing harsh chemicals into your space, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts create a barrier with an environmentally friendly approach.

By spraying treatments directly onto greenery. Bugs are banished, taking their bad attitudes and buzzing somewhere else. Treatments can keep mosquitoes away for three weeks at a time, but we don’t stop there. By reapplying sprays after 14 days, our experts are sure to keep your space free of pests.

Where Can You Treat

Because mosquito sprays have a versatile application method, you can use them just about anywhere! Homes, commercial spaces, campgrounds, golf courses, sports field and event centres can all be made pest-free with a bit of lawn care and treatment. In addition to the sprays themselves, our experts walk the grounds along with our clients, pointing out any potential problem areas, preparing for the future and maintaining the best possible results, for the longest possible time frame.

Building Barriers for Bugs