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Clearing Up Clutter

Clearing Up Clutter

It is easy to get wrapped up in warm weather, forgetting that frosts are creeping in every day. Throwing on a sweater might distract from a drop in temperature but when leaves begin to change colour and fall to the ground, there is no denying that winter is on its way.

Crunching through fallen leaves might feel good for a moment but letting this cast-off sit on grass and lawns can mean big trouble for your exterior space. Lawn clutter has a tendency to blanket grass, holding onto moisture, damaging blades and impacting soil. Even a quick swipe of the rake can make an instant impact on properties but depending on the plant-life surrounding your space, it can feel impossible to keep up. Instead of being buried in an avalanche of organics, call an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert to help clear a pathway.

Give Leaves a Lift

Overlooking lawn clutter is a common occurrence but the longer this sits, the more damage is being done. A layer or leaves can prevent proper air flow, smothering existing grass. In addition to limiting oxygen, this blanket can tighten up and compact, preventing new blades of grass from emerging underneath.

Handheld tools like rakes are tried, tested and true methods of clearing up clutter. Apart from taking up a bit of space, these tools are easy to use but slow moving. Caring for even a small yard can take hours of hard work and manual labour. The bigger the property, the longer it takes and the higher the risk of muscle sprains, strains and pulls.

Instead of working harder, our team of Eeenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts work smarter, using the right tools and technique to get the best results, in the best time frame. Specialized tools like leaf blowers are able to care for larger areas quickly, without the threat of unnecessary damage.

Why Choose Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!?

Property owners are quick to opt for DIY lawn care in order to cut household costs. If getting the right results were this easy, everyone would do it! Instead of struggling to keep up with the weather, choose professional care to keep up with the needs of your exterior spaces. Locally owned and operated services means prompt response times and access to aftercare and customer resources.

Don’t be another number on a call sheet when excellent customer service and property care are only a phone call away. Each member of the EMMMOW team is fully insured, protecting items, materials and our staff!

Clearing Up Clutter