Dealing With Debris – Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

Dealing With Debris

Dealing With Debris

One of the highlights of October is the transition from green spaces to autumn colours. As properties break out in reds, oranges and yellows, it easy to forget all the debris that comes along with this transition. The soft crunch of leaves underfoot on an afternoon walk is great but having to rake these up is daunting.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Cleaning up lawns might help to improve visuals around your home or workspace but taking care of your garden should also be a priority. Garden beds are often neglected as soon as they stop producing vegetables and fruits but when you want a thriving green space come Spring, here is a quick checklist:

Clean Garden Beds: Sitting organics can damage soil and attract pests. Removing fallen organics like leaves and twigs make it difficult to see what is going on underneath the surface. When you want to keep a proper eye on your soil, the first step to a clear view is to de-clutter these spaces.

Axing Annuals: It is no secret that annual plants are only meant to last for one growing season. When the first frosts begin to hit, it is important to remove these dead plants, preserving the soils and giving perennial plants room to stretch their limbs during the next growing season.

Trim Edges: Run of the mill mowers are not built to accommodate the edges around structures. Because of this, grass is often left long but even this added length can mean big trouble. These areas are great for pests, who are quick to create nests in these spaces. As weather takes a turn for the chilly, it does not take long for these rodents to make it inside.

Prune Perennials: If any of your perennials are showing signs of disease, cut back those damaged areas, setting plants up for success as things heat up in the spring. Not trimming these areas can also act as an open invitation for pests to nest in garden beds throughout those colder days.

Just one of these can help to point your plant life in the right direction but combining all of them means great results for your outdoor space.

Dealing With Debris