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Drainage: An Uphill Battle

Drainage: An Uphill Battle

Property owners are quick to care for their lawns and gardens during Spring and Summer months but cold snaps often see them being left behind. Taking another chore off of your to-do list might seem like a good thing but a bit of neglect in Fall means big trouble come winter. Winter means different things in different parts of the country but no matter where you live, water is always a cause for concern. It may be heavy rainfall or snow melt, but in either case, this excess moisture is dangerous. So, what is the key to preventing disaster when it comes to proper drainage? A clear lawn!

The Ripple Effect of Proper Lawn Care

It is difficult to see how something like lawn clutter can lead to water damage or flooding but bit by bit, these things add up. Canadian homes are built to withstand dampness. Eavestroughs or gutters are installed up top, while perimeter drains run along the ground-level. Both of these are designed to catch and carry water, directing it away from sensitive areas. Drains are often installed in patios and driveways in an effort to discourage sitting water but these only work when they aren’t blocked up.

Missing a raking or leaf blowing session might leave behind a bed of leaves and small debris across your yard. On the surface, this might be an eyesore but given time, these small bits can become large blockages. With nowhere to go, water either sits or spills over. Having a plan to contend with organic cast-off and debris can help eliminate the stress and property damage that clogged drains bring.

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Advantage

Our lawn and garden experts are local to your area, which is always a bonus! Just because drains have become clogged, doesn’t always mean that anyone has noticed – at least not right away. A heavy rain might be the first indicator that your drainage systems are in bad shape. This is where it comes in handy to have a specialist right around the corner. Our experts are available to swing into action to clear lawns, parking lots and any outdoor space of potentially dangerous debris.

Drainage: An Uphill Battle