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Fertilizing Before Frost

Fertilizing Before Frost

Spring is a popular time to fertilize lawns and gardens. By getting ahead of the growing season, it is possible to encourage new growth and build up one heck of a base for plants to thrive. There is no question that following chilly winter months, grass will need a pick-me-up but summer is no picnic either! High temperatures and long periods of drought can cause severe damage to soil and grass roots. Going into a cold season with already compromised grass can only mean that things can only go from bad to worse. This is what makes Fall the perfect time to fertilize. Summer heat waves might mean brown and crunchy grass but you can always get it back with a specialized fertilizing service.

A Fresh Start to Fall

Different provinces have different climates, and therefore different fertilizing schedules. For the best results, fertilizing should be done about three weeks before the ground begins to freeze. Freezing and frosts occur much sooner in central Canada and the east coast than they do in British Columbia. Understanding your schedule is important to having the healthiest lawn possible.

Fertilizing can be tough work but as much as the elements can sometimes hurt your property, they can also help. Morning dew, for example, can help to hydrate your lawn without the need for breaking out a hose every morning. Proper fertilization can encourage healthy root growth and stabilization, which means you are in the best possible position as spring rolls back around. A healthy lawn provides oxygen, helps to regulate temperature and creates a welcoming environment around your home or workspace. With so much riding on uniform growth and vibrant colours, why not put your best foot forward with some preventative care.

Understanding the Process

Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! specialists have spent years in the industry, learning the proper ways to diagnose lawns and apply fertilizers. Every fertilizer compound has a different chemical makeup of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Balancing these properly is key to great looking grass. Our local experts are available to answer any questions that you might have about the process before, during and after service.

Fertilizing Before Frost