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Fertilizing: More Than Meets The Eye

Fertilizing: More Than Meets The Eye

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast, a legionnaire of lawn care, or yearning for a good looking yard, fertilizer can help you out. No everyone is well-versed in what a good fertilizer can do to benefit an outdoor space and not everyone is keen to find out on their own. If you are having a hard time creating new growth around your space or are unsatisfied with your results to date, a proper fertilizing treatment might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Benefits of Fertilizing

Not all soil is created equally. Healthy growth around properties is caused by a perfect storm of sunshine, rain and nutrients. In certain communities, property owners do not need to try very hard to have thriving gardens or lush lawns but others aren’t so lucky. Without the right elements in play, even the greenest of thumbs won’t be able to help you. The word fertilizer might have a negative association at first, but this simple concoction of nutrients is capable or rescuing exterior spaces. Fertilizer is a mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, designed to create balanced, healthy and stable growth. By adding fertilizer to areas with unbalanced nutrients, this mix feeds soil in the same way that vitamins feed a human body.

Why Choose A Professional Fertilizing Service

Fertilizer might be available at any hardware store or garden centre but there is a lot more to it than simply grabbing a bag and sprinkling away. Each bag of fertilizer comes equipped with a guide to the ratios of the mix, but this doesn’t do much without an analysis of your soil. Taking a guess at your necessary ratios can result in chemical burns all over your lawn and garden. When you choose Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your fertilizing treatment, you have access to a proper assessment of the makeup of your soil. Through this assessment, our EMMMOW technicians are able to tell exactly what your lawn is lacking. By understanding the nutrients that are present and the nutrients that are lacking, you are in for great results every time.

Fertilizing: More Than Meets The Eye