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Getting Ready For Winter

Getting Ready For Winter

As Canadians move toward a cold-snap, plenty of property owners leave their gardens behind. Once the growing season is over, it is easy to assume that so are your responsibilities in the garden but this just isn’t the case. Setting your outdoor space up for success means staying ahead of the game. Prepping areas before the first frost can make all the difference to your property in spring time.

Things to Consider During the Cold

Caring For Hedges: Shrubs and hedges might be hearty plants but they still need protection from extreme cold. It is not uncommon to spot hedges wrapped in burlap or surrounded by fencing. These small measures can make a huge difference to conditions in spring. In addition to protecting greenery from the elements, it is important to trim away any problem areas that might be present. Pruning away broken limbs or diseased areas can only add to a fresh start in the spring time.

Weeding: Ridding your lawn or garden bed of weeds before winter helps to limit exposure during the spring. If weeds are left growing into fall, it only means that as the growing season rolls around they will spread everywhere and anywhere.

Fertilizing: After a long, hot summer your lawn is very likely in need of a pick-me-up. Fertilizing grass in fall can help repair damage that was done by heat but it also helps to combat the effects of winter. A healthy dose of nutrients might just be enough to keep your lawn going through frigid temperatures.

A Winning Combination

Getting your property winter ready doesn’t mean just one service. Luckily, the specialists at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! know exactly how to treat your space. Pairing services instead of relying on a single treatment ensures a healthy lawn year-round.

Getting Ready For Winter