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Getting the Best Results With Pre-Winter Maintenance

Getting the Best Results With Pre-Winter Maintenance

Plenty of property owners are quick to focus on lawns and gardens during Spring and Summer months but winter worries are right around the corner. Just because lawns are buried in snow for months at a time, does not mean that they don’t require a bit of attention beforehand. A pre-emptive strike on cold weather can have outdoor spaces looking their best all winter along – and the experts at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! can help!

Assessing Your Space

The majority of exterior spaces are made up of many different types of plant life. Focusing on one area alone can leave surrounding spaces to suffer. Before first frosts begin to settle in, property owners should take stock of any and all greenery, so they can be treated accordingly.

Lawns go through a lot throughout the year. From drowning to droughts, animal interference and chemical imbalances, each of these leaves dead spots, discolouration and damage behind. Fruit trees and vegetable gardens often suffer the same fate, leading to permanent damage. It takes a trained eye to protect green spaces and that is why our lawn and garden specialists offer a roster of care for grass, gardens, hedges and everything in-between.

Clean, Care, Protect

When taking care of your outdoor space, it is important to look after the greenery that you have now, treating problem areas but it is also best to look to the future, protecting plants and preventing damage where you can.

Clean: Sitting lawn debris not only looks terrible when cluttering yards – it can actually damage grass. Without proper removal, organic cast-off can form layers, piling over one another, preventing proper air flow and smothering lawns. Raking or leaf blowing can help to alleviate the pain of littered lawns. This applies to leaves but also to fallen fruit and other large items.

Keeping on top of mowing as for as long as possible will help to keep up appearances but will also make raking easier. From here, experts are able to create a plan of aeration, reseeding and fertilizing according to the needs of your space.

Protect and Preserve: Before temperatures take a downward spiral, it is important to protect plants from bad weather and pests. Tree bark, for example, can crack – particularly thin-barked varieties. A simple covering can provide insulation, cutting out the cold and keeping your plants safe. This process can be applied to hedges as well, by applying burlap wraps to protect vulnerable areas.

Ready Water Features: Ponds, pools and fountains are amazing additions to any space but these can be tough to maintain throughout Fall and Winter. Leaving water to sit can mean frozen pipes, cracks and even damage to concrete and liners.

Getting the Best Results With Pre-Winter Maintenance