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Hardscaping: Overhauling Your Outdoor Space

Hardscaping: Overhauling Your Outdoor Space

Plenty of home renovations take place in bathrooms and kitchens but these are not the only areas that add value to properties. An attractive landscaping or hardscaping project can add curb appeal and add value to homes and commercial properties.

It is easy to choose planters and florals to brighten up your space but hardscaping should be done before any landscaping takes place. Hardscaping refers to anything that is part of a yard renovation that involves heavy installation or construction. This process is a way to not only add value but to add versatility and comfort to your outdoor oasis.

Getting to Know the Process

The end result of a hardscape is beautiful but the process can get messy. Without proper organization, these projects are problematic from start to finish. An amateur approach can not only wreck your project but can mean serious trouble for your property as a whole. Instead of risking disaster, call a professional to carry out your project with multi-step approach.

Create a Plan: One of the biggest mistakes that property owners make during an outdoor renovation is not looking at the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on one area alone, it is important to create a plan for the entirety of your yard. Even if you are not ready to undergo a wide-scale project, planning for the whole space helps with consistency in styles and materials, as well as in layouts. Planning alongside a professional helps to accentuate the best features of your space while preserving and improving the surrounding areas. Planning ahead can also help to develop and maintain budgets.

Set a Budget: creating a budget is something that many people struggle with – and sticking to it is even more difficult. More than setting the stage for the type of renovation that you can afford, a sound budget can help to determine timelines and even materials. Just because you have big dreams but limited funds does not mean that you cannot have the space that you want. Working with a professional can help to source materials or come up with cost-conscious alternatives.

Prep Your Property: Hardscaping does not just happen. Before any work can begin, grounds have to be treated. This can mean anything from setting up foundations through excavations or levelling or can mean identifying utility or water lines. Failing to track these down can mean huge fines and extensive property damage – so it is important to call before you dig.

Call an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert to get the best results for your hardscaping needs. Careful planning, excellent execution and a helping hand are all in store for our clients.

Hardscaping: Overhauling Your Outdoor Space