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Implementing Irrigation

Implementing Irrigation

The weather in North America can be unpredictable to say the least. It can feel like temperatures across Canada flip between extremes, which can be difficult to keep up with – particularly outdoors. Dry months can terrorize lawns and gardens but there is a way to keep your spaces green, even during a drought.

Whether you are caring for a large lot or small patch of land, water and hydration is key to lush, uniform and healthy growth. For as long as humans have grown their own food, there has been irrigation systems to help you out. If you are looking for an easy way to encourage growth, an irrigation system may be the answer for you:

The Advantages of Irrigation

Installing an irrigation system can help to reduce your water intake, conserving both resources and costs. These methods can also help to direct water and resources to certain areas, making it possible to treat problem areas directly.

Sprinkler Irrigation: Above ground or in-ground sprinklers that spray water in a way that imitates natural rain fall. Small droplets, released into the air allows these heads to reach further, treating more surface area without wasting water.

Drip Irrigation: works through a system of pipes to water grass and plants at the root level. This method can be used in all sorts of non-turf areas, making it an ideal choice for gardens (both floral and vegetable) as well as lawns and green patches of all sizes. This system stands out as the most efficient, saving time, money and man power.

Subsurface Irrigation: Similar to drip irrigation but tubes run underground. This is a great choice for higher heat areas. Because pipes are under the surface, there is no risk of water evaporation. Materials tend to last longer when they are underground, reducing the impact of animals or other accidental damage.

Professional Installation

Because there are so many options for irrigation, it is always better to consult with a professional before breaking ground on your irrigation project. Specialists can help you choose the right method for you and provide proper installation. When working with water, it is always better to choose expert installation to avoid leaks and water damage.

Implementing Irrigation