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Keep Off the Grass

Keep Off the Grass

It is easy to let lawns slip your mind during winter months. Try as you might to tend it during summer and prep it during fall, your grass still needs care throughout those cold snaps. With snow falling all over the country, there are a few things for property owners to keep in mind.

Prepare While You Can

It is difficult to plan for unpredictable weather but there are certain things that you can do to ready your outdoor space. It is easy to let debris sit on grass and lawn surfaces, particularly in fall. Letting snow pile on top of this debris means moisture, which means suffocating. Suffocating grass means dead patches and drowned lawns but it can also mean rot. This is what makes proper clearing and raking before snow fall so important. This is great in theory but not every makes the time crunch.

Avoiding Stepping Over Lawns

Snow accumulation and ice make walkways dangerous. Because of this, many people opt for walking through yards. It might save you a minute or help you feel more secure but this little shortcut can mean serious long term damage for your grass. Walking the same path over and over can weaken grass, so much so that it cannot recover even when the weather warms up. Too much of this leaves grass beyond repair, meaning expensive replacements.


Once snow does melt away, you can expect a lot of water left behind. This means drowning, which is never good. The simple fact is that, as much as you can’t fight nature, you can help it along. Scheduling ahead for fertilization following cold weather can mean the difference between suffering through summer and thriving in the sunshine.

Each type of grass and plant life has its own set of needs. It can be tricky to know just what your lawn is asking for but professional services can answer these questions for you.

Keep Off the Grass