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Looking Ahead to Growing Season

Looking Ahead to Growing Season

Some of the main reasons that property owners hesitate to build up their outdoor spaces are cost and being unsure. It is great to daydream the perfect yard or garden but making it a reality can be tough – and expensive. Instead of waiting until warmer weather rolls around, more and more homeowners are turning to Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for help. Planning ahead means not being surprised by unexpected costs, offers the chance to build a budget and provides helpful insight into what will and won’t work around your property.

Creating the Dream

Purchasing a new property home means a clean slate, fresh start and the chance to really make a place into your own. Whether you are dealing with brand new surroundings or looking to update an existing space, there is planning involved in everything. As cold snaps make way for warmer temperatures, planning is crucial to hitting the ground running with your outdoor projects.

Timing: Early spring is known as the growing season for a reason. Lawns need an opportunity to recover from any damage sustained during the winter. Without a bit of help, you might be dealing with dead patches, brittleness and discolouration. Fertilizing at the right time can help you avoid these problems, leaving behind nothing but lush, green grass. Taking advantage of this growing season can also help with gardening. Whether you are after bright flowers or fruits and vegetables, timing is everything.

Placement: Just wanting to have a thriving garden is not enough to get you there. As much as you might want to place a garden bed in your backyard, you can’t discount natural resources. Choosing a spot with low sun exposure is not the way to keep a thriving green space. This is where an expert opinion comes in. Having an expert choose the best spot for your plant life ensures that you are working alongside Mother Nature and not against her.

Cost: Free estimates help to give clients an idea of what to expect and plan for it. Working within a budget is a honed skill and our experts are keen to help meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Looking Ahead to Growing Season