Making a Dent in Mosquito Populations – Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

Making a Dent in Mosquito Populations

Making a Dent in Mosquito Populations

Warmer weather means more outdoor activity, both for humans and for bugs. What starts out as a simple day out or barbecue can end in a dozen red, itchy bites, all thanks to mosquitoes. These biting bugs can ruin any public event but they also skulk around private properties as well. Instead of letting your tenants, guests and customers become meals for these pests, cut them off at the source, with a bit of help from the pros.

The Right Treatment Methods

Most Canadians are quick to reach for an aerosol bug spray at the first sign of a mosquito. These sprays are not great for the environment, for your skin and let’s be honest, they smell awful! Aerosol sprays have a way of travelling, contaminating any food or drinks nearby, getting into eyes, mouths and tons of other areas.

It is not uncommon to spend hundreds of dollars a season in an attempt to create a pest-free environment. Between citronella coils, torches and even industrial size deterrents might work for a smaller space but the larger the property, the less effective these become. Instead of struggling through ineffective methods and sky-rocketing costs, trust a professional service to get the best results at the best possible pricing.

How It All Works

Just like humans, pests have certain dislikes. For some rodents, it might be a household tools like aluminum foil, but for outdoor spaces, it is up to lawn and garden experts to get creative. When it comes to mosquitoes and even ticks, natural oils are enough to keep these intruders away from large spaces, for long periods of time.

An all-natural approach combines essential oils like garlic and citrus to create a baseline spray, combined with other natural deterrents to create an even stronger barrier between bugs and your space. All of these minor barriers, layered together creates an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes, leading them to find somewhere else to call home.

While barrier sprays are the headline attraction for your barrier needs, our experts aren’t too shabby either. By inspecting properties and assessing problem areas for water collection and pooling, our crew helps to eliminate unnecessary threats for infestation and pest traffic.

Making a Dent in Mosquito Populations