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Making The Most of Growing Season In Canada

Making The Most of Growing Season In Canada

Over the years, the growing season in Canada has seen an increase. As this time frame becomes longer, property owners have a better chance to start their gardening projects. Growing seasons are calculated from the last day of 0 degree weather in the spring and the first day of 0 degree weather in the fall. During this time, there is plenty of rainfall and sunshine to encourage your garden along. As easy as it might seem for plant life to take off, there is more to it than sprinkling some seeds and waiting for green. A little outside help is a necessity in order to get the garden that you have been fantasizing about, and who better to call than Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!?

What Can EMMMOW Do For You?

Gardening requires a bit more than simple manual labour. Forests and wooded areas might show off how easy it is for nature to take off on its own, but gardens have a much harder time. When considering how to move forward with a flower or vegetable garden, location, soil and plant types are all things to keep in mind. Plants might be natural, but there is a science to keeping them alive and well around your property. Enlisting the help of a professional lawn care company can help you organize and assess your outdoor space for the best results possible.

Invasive plant life is on the rise around British Columbia. Foreign seedlings and bulbs are being passed around to the detriment of existing plant life. These invasive plants can choke out existing plants, root in ways that cause property damage, and spread quickly. Choosing a professional gardening service, like the one at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!, provides you with all the information to keep this from happening. With all the right tools, knowledge and training for the job, the staff at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! get nothing but the best for our clients, every time.

Don’t bother with disappointing DIY results, or a less than thriving garden, when a crew of local, knowledgeable professionals is right around the corner!

Making The Most of Growing Season In Canada