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Making Your Yard Work with Nature

Making Your Yard Work with Nature

Unruly grass can create an unappealing visual, which means regular mowing to keep lengths down. While a regularly maintained lawn might look better to humans, it can have a negative impact on insect life outdoors. Having bugs inside is unpleasant but we do rely on them to preserve our eco-systems. Luckily, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts are able to help create a balance, creating a healthy outdoor space for both humans and animal life.

Organizing a More Natural Space

Choose Natural Foliage: Having colourful or exotic blooms can help to give properties a unique look but they are not always the best choice for city environments. Choosing plants that grow naturally in your area are more accessible for pollinators, which means protecting bee populations.

Using the Right Settings: Without proper experience, cutting grass is as simple as firing up a machine and cutting a pattern through overgrowth. Not checking the settings on a mower can mean lopsided results.

Let it Grow: Despite the want to keep things cropped, adding an extra inch to each blade of grass means a comfortable environment for pests to thrive outside.

Keep Blades Sharp: Something as simple as a dull blade can make all the difference when it comes to treating laws. A sharp blade will provide clean cuts across the top of grass but a dull one leads to the blade splitting and forking. This splitting means a dried, crunchy top and a bushy top layer.

Each of these, on their own, seems fairly easy but when you want results, you will have to go with the full package. This is a lot of work for any property but larger ones can feel impossible to maintain. This is why members of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team offer services around homes, storefronts and multi-unit properties.

Mowing and maintenance services can be organized as part of a schedule or used as single call-out services. Our experts can help to choose the right plants for your space, the right type of lawn for your environment and the right tools and experience to get the best results for any service.

Making Your Yard Work with Nature