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March Madness for Gardens & Lawns

March Madness for Gardens & Lawns

Depending on your region, March might be a time to hide out indoors or a time to get busy in your yard. Whether you are still dealing with snow or are already looking at lawn maintenance, there is always something to fo throughout the month of March. Understanding what you can do to prepare for warmer weather can make a world of difference to the outcome of your outdoor space. 

Creating a Workable Timeline 

Lawn care and garden maintenance can take a back-burner throughout winter months but as soon as that final frost is in the rear view, it is time to get busy outside! While it might seem too early to get planting, with the right techniques March can be the perfect time to install and care for plants and greenery. 

Planting: Cool and damp weather might send a chill down your spine but it can be an ideal time to treat soil and plant new growth. Cool season flowers can be planted throughout the month, setting the stage for early blooms and lush greenery of favourite florals such as the pansy, daliah, crocus and hyacinth. Shrubs are an excellent addition to any property, supplying shade and helping to regulate outdoor areas. Early spring is the best time to have these implanted. 

Grow Your Produce: You don’t have to rely on trips to the grocery store for your everyday dietary staples when you have a garden! Cool season crops like lettuce, spinach, radishes and peas can be grown right in your backyard. When March rolls around, it is possible to start planting these vegetables, as well as certain fruits like strawberries and raspberries. 

Clear Away Debris: Cleaning away garden beds can have a positive impact on growth cycles, particularly heading into a growing season. Raking up any sitting debris allows new growth to poke through. Removing any barriers to sunlight allows sun to reach soil, increasing temperatures and encouraging quick growth cycles. 

Prune Trees and Shrubs: Removing any dead or diseased limbs from plants can free up resources and eliminate the spread of any illness. Doing this during the early spring sets the stage for a growing season. 

Choosing Professional Care 

All of these tasks may seem simple on the surface level, but when added together, they can snowball. Between already busy schedules and the need for technical knowledge, lawn and garden maintenance can be a lot of work – but our experts can help! 

Hiring professional lawn and garden care means getting the best results for your exterior spaces without any of the headache or physical strain. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! technicians are able to help assess, build and cultivate outdoor spaces around homes, multi-unit properties and commercial spaces. 

March Madness for Gardens & Lawns