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Planting for the Pool Side

Planting for the Pool Side

Having access to a backyard pool or spa can be the ultimate staycation. With warm weather and growing season right around the corner, it is the perfect time to build up your backyard and that means proper landscaping. Choosing the right plants can help to increase your enjoyment and boost curb appeal. 

Choosing plants based on colour or aesthetic appeal might feel right in the moment but might not have great results in the long-term. Consulting an expert can help to preserve your pool area and create bright, beautiful and inviting spaces. In order to create the ideal outdoor space, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts have compiled a list of the best options for pool side plants. 

Palm Trees: These tropical trees are synonymous with pristine beaches and appealing pool areas. Palm trees do not create a great deal of debris, provide shade and give off that tropical ambiance that can help to create that perfect space. 

Hedges & Shrubs: A great looking pool is known to draw attention. Having an attractive backyard pool or spa adds curb appeal but that does not mean that you want to sacrifice your privacy. Lush plant life not only looks great but can also provide privacy from neighbours or passersby. Cedar hedges are a utilitarian option (and smell great!) but there are other, more colourful options like hydrangeas. 

Succulents: These plants come in a variety of a types, both flowering and non but no matter the style, succulents are can be used around the pool while smaller types can be used to fill in bare patches around your yard. 

Natural Pest Deterrents: No one wants to hop out of a pool or hot tub only to be attacked by bugs. Sitting bodies of water are a huge attractant for biting pests like mosquitoes. In the same way that some plants attract, others repel. Choosing non-flowering succulents can remove the draw for bees while planting basil, geraniums and citronella can deter mosquitoes from hanging around. 

Working with a professional landscaping crew can help to revamp an existing space or build a functional outdoor area from the ground, up. Get started by calling an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert today. 

Planting for the Pool Side