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Prepped For Pruning

Prepped For Pruning

A change in season is all about fresh starts. We do this through spring cleaning our homes or updating wardrobes, but it is also important to consider your plants. Cold weather is not just uncomfortable, it can be detrimental. Even when that mercury starts to rise and the days become warmer, there are bits and pieces left behind. Set your green space up for success by trimming these away and making room for new growth!

The Ins and Outs of Pruning

Between freezing nights and heavy rains, your plant life is up against a lot. This can affect anything from hedges to trees, shrubs and even the heartiest plants. When everything is growing green, it is easy to catch sight of dead blooms, bald patches or browning stalks. Some of these might be easily reachable while others are heavier and higher up. No matter which areas you are dealing with, there are setbacks to taking these problems on yourself.

Safety: Reaching upward to cut down branches can result in serious bodily harm. There is nothing fun about having branches raining down on you. Handling power tools is difficult enough! A quick running blade, a heavy tool and a lack of experience can be extremely dangerous and that is why it is so important to leave the experts to handle these hard to reach spaces.

Results: Plants might seem like they are built tough but even one wrong snip can mean large-scale damage. Taking the bloom off of a rose bush at the wrong angle can stunt the whole stem moving forward. No matter how many books, magazines or search engines that you consult on the best process, it is always best to leave the pruning to the professionals.

The EMMMOW Approach

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! approach to pruning all begins with a proper inspection. Without understanding the condition of your greenery, there is no way to get a proper result. Instead of just snapping away at problem areas, our specialists take everything from type, condition and surrounding areas into consideration. Once unwanted limbs are removed, they are bagged up and carted away, so you are not stuck with the mess!

Services can be scheduled as part of your routine or can be performed on an emergency call-out basis.

Prepped For Pruning