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Landscaping Is our Specialty

Maintaining your lawn or garden space is a tough job, but it does not need to be complicated work. Calling in a professional lawn care service can save you the manual labour, back pain and headache of handling extensive yard work yourself. Anything from new additions to general maintenance can be handled by your friendly neighbourhood Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! specialists.

Yard Maintenance: Improving Both Looks & Functionality

For most property owners, the condition of their lawn is important aesthetically first and functionally second. Instead of only damaging the curb appeal of your property, poorly maintained yards can cause damage to material and discomfort to owners and guests. A bit of care can go a long way toward maintaining a healthy and happy outdoor space. Aerating, for example, can punch through compacted soil and thatch, allowing nutrients to reach lower levels of growth. Along with breaking up stubborn soil, fertilizing can help insert necessary nutrients that are missing from your existing soil makeup.

Safe Additions & Easy Extractions

Simply taking a garden feature and putting it down on your grass does not guarantee that it will work properly. Proper installation requires professional landscaping services. Measuring slopes and angles of your yard can both predict and prevent future problems caused by bad placement. In just the same way that improper additions can mean headaches for property owners, removals are a necessary evil as well. Pruning, can help keep your plants looking their best while making way for new and healthy growth. Along with pruning, hedge maintenance can help create a welcoming and clean-cut environment for your guests and clients alike. While pruning and hedge trimming help maintain invited plant life, weeds are a major problem throughout Canada, as well. These unwanted growths suck nutrients away from gardens and can choke out other plants nearby. Getting rid of weeds take time and effort, unless you choose Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your weeding services! A welcoming and accessible outdoor space has never been closer than with the professional services at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!.