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Abbotsford Aeration

Abbotsford Aeration

Everyone knows that it takes proper nutrition, sunlight, oxygen and water for plant life to thrive. This is true of lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs and everything in-between. When one of these elements is removed, greenery begins to suffer noticeably. Even if your lawn is showing signs of damage, there is hope! Professional Abbotsford aeration services can give new life to your lawn by creating pathways for necessary elements to make their way into soil.

When To Call For Aeration

Discolouration, brittle blades or dead patches are all signs that your exterior space is lacking oxygen or water. If your grass is looking worse for the wear, aeration is the answer. If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of aeration, not to worry! Hiring a professional service for your lawn care and maintenance can breathe new life into your outdoor space through proper technique and training. The main culprits of a damaged lawn are thatch and compaction. Compacted soils become packed so tightly together that nothing can pass through it. Thatch, on the other hand, has the same result but manages to strangle out healthy plant life through a system of twisted roots and other organics.

Punching holes into the earth is not enough to create the right pathways for the necessary nutrients to get in. Instead of working up a sweat only to not see results, call in the professionals for all of your aeration needs. The most common aeration types are spike aerators and plug aerators. Core aeration works by removing small plugs of soil, creating an entry point for oxygen and water to reach lower layers. On paper, these methods might seem similar enough but deciding which one fits your space requires a trained eye.

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