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Abbotsford Fertilizing

Abbotsford Fertilizing

Organic growth might seem to just happen, but lush lawns and healthy plant life are the result of balanced chemicals and resources. As soon as something is missing from your lawn, you will start to see negative effects. Discolouration, dead or dry grass and irregular growth are all signs that your exterior space is in need of a little TLC. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow experts might not wear capes, but they can still save the day with a proper Abbotsford fertilizing service.

Helping Your Grass Grow

It is simple enough to point a hose at a patch of dry grass, but in order to thrive, your lawns and gardens require more than that. Soil contains a mix of organic chemicals. Each of these elements are necessary to create fertile soil, capable of sustaining basic or complicated growth. While these compounds occur naturally, they do sometimes need a little help to level out. Understanding what reactions certain nutrient deficiencies or excesses cause is key to treating lawns. Choosing a professional service for your lawn care services takes the guesswork out of what goes into a beautiful lawn.

Strolling into a garden centre and choosing a bag of fertilizer is not only bad for your back, but it can be terrible for your lawn. Aside from the manual labour, fertilizer applications can be a danger. While all fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, these elements are present in different levels. Choosing a bag with pounds of nitrogen when your space is lacking phosphorus won’t get the job done. The wrong compound won’t do anything to benefit your lawns and can even cause chemical burns. Instead of misjudging what to feed your lawn, let someone else create the recipe for you!

Calling in the Professionals

There are always exterior elements fighting against the condition of your lawns and gardens. While you can’t fight nature, there are certain things that you can do to set yourself up for success. Lawn maintenance begins in the early spring, but it does not end there! Choosing local technicians for your lawn fertilizing needs, means service that caters to your space – and your schedule! Our lawn and garden specialists provide prompt service at competitive prices and all with expert results!

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