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Abbotsford Gardening

Abbotsford Gardening

For some, gardening can be a relaxing pass-time, but for others, it is an absolute nightmare! Picking out plants and getting your hands dirty is not for everyone, but by hiring a professional gardening service, you can have a great lawn without the labour! Don’t spend money at expensive garden centres, only to see your investment wilt away, call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Abbotsford gardening services.

Why DIY Doesn’t Always Work

Choosing plants that look good in your space, is not the beginning and end of proper gardening. Sure, everyone wants an outdoor space that is visually appealing, but certain plants need a certain environment to survive. Working with your climate is a key component to a successful garden space. Without fully understanding the makeup of your space, it is impossible to create a thriving garden. Most property owners do not have the means to measure out the best place to lay garden beds or to test soil, but our specialists do.

For those property owners that lack a green thumb or just don’t have the time to keep up with growth, a professional service is the answer. Building up a successful garden means more than burying seeds or planting shrubs. There is a science to successful gardening in urban areas. In the right hands, well chosen greenery can cut back on costs for heating, cooling and lighting.

Eenie Meenie Miny Mow: Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

Any time that you take a job into your own hands, there is a risk involved. It might be the risk of wasted revenue, damage to your property or a waste of time. Instead of letting opportunities pass you by, seize them with a little help from our experts. Instead of being left waiting for results, our local specialists work to create your space in a timely fashion. With competitively priced services and expertly trained staff, you can have your perfect garden space in no time.

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