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Abbotsford Hedge Maintenance

Abbotsford Hedge Maintenance

Taking care of hedges is not a top priority for most property owners, but these helpful plants should not be overlooked. Hedges are a means of beautifying properties, gaining privacy and controlling the climate around your home or workspace. With so many benefits, why would you not want to keep your hedges in tip-top shape? If you are unable to keep up with irregular growth patterns or can’t manage the condition of these plants, just call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Abbotsford hedge maintenance.

Why Go Pro For Hedge Trimming

When in good condition, plant life can be very beneficial to properties. Hedges, for example, are able to provide an alternative to fencing, while still providing property owners with privacy. Strategically placed plants can also have a positive impact on lighting costs, as well as heating and cooling bills. While this might sound like a great system, these plants are still vulnerable to irregular growth and disease. Regular hedge maintenance removes thick growth and tangles, that restrict sunlight from reaching inner areas. In the same way that trees can become diseased, so can hedges. Pruning and trimming not only helps improve the appearance of your property but can help keep them in good condition.

Taking irregular growths off of something like a rose bush does not require much heavy lifting, but taking care of a hedge requires a bit more manpower. Instead of reaching for a simple pair of shears, treating tall hedges requires heavy-duty hedged trimmers and a lot of upper body strength. Save yourself the aches, pains and potential health hazards by having a pro handle your tree and hedge trimming. These benefits also extend to planting. Using stakes, strings and measurements, our specialists can install hedges properly, designed for straight and healthy growth.

Experience & Expertise

Contrary to popular belief, proper tree care requires more than water. Trimming allows other vital nutrients to reach inner areas and root systems. Over doing it, however, does more than give your plants a bald patch. Instead of putting your plants at risk, call in our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow specialists to take the edges (and the edge!) off. Over the years, our experts have dealt with all sorts of hedges in all sort of conditions – so there is nothing that they can’t handle! For competitively priced services and top-notch results, all it takes is one call to Eenie Meenie Miny Mow.

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