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Abbotsford Lawn Maintenance

Abbotsford Lawn Maintenance

Property owners in the Abbotsford area are not afraid of a little hard work. While basic maintenance is all in a days work, sometimes it is better to enlist help than get your hands dirty yourself. Whether you are dealing with installation of a new lawn or simply caring for an existing one, our Abbotsford lawn maintenance has got you covered. Don’t put up with an unappealing outdoor space when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

The Importance of Routine Care

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a professional service for your lawn care needs and keeping dirt from under your nails is the least of them. Outsourcing your maintenance needs to a team of specialists means freeing up leisure time, saving yourself sprains and strains, all while getting the best possible results for your space. The exterior of your property is the first impression that it gives to the world around it, so you want the best visuals possible. Mowing down length is a common chore, but professionals services include edging, weed control and identifying problem areas. Instead of dealing with lawns at a superficial level, our specialists build and maintain a healthy lawn from the foundation and upwards.

Instead of benefiting the condition of your lawn, DIY methods can cause more harm than good. Opting for a professional service might seem like a luxury but choosing a cost-effective firm can actually save on costs in the long-run. Purchasing power tools like weed whackers or lawn mowers can set you back with initial purchases, as well as maintenance costs. Improper use of these tools can cause damage to lawns and can even be dangerous to those using them. Don’t take a chance with spinning blades or slashed surfaces when expert results are available in your area.

Help For Your Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

While larger maintenance firms are known for packed schedules and impersonal customer care. Our specialists have found a way to combine the resources of a big company with the attention and care of a neighbour. After years in the industry, there is nothing that our lawn care experts can’t handle. In addition to expert results for lawn care services, the staff at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow provide education and after-care to ensure that these results last.

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