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Abbotsford Pruning

Abbotsford Pruning

There are plenty of reasons to prune trees, shrubs, and hedges around your property. While curb appeal is near the top of the list, routine maintenance can improve the condition of your plants as well as extending their lifespan. Don’t let non-uniform growth or disease plague the plants around your property when an Abbotsford pruning is only a phone call away.

Quick Action, Great Results

It is easy to delay treating problem areas around your exterior space. You might notice a bit of discolouration or mildew spreading across leaves and think nothing of it. Dried brittle leaves or a fledgling canker might not seem like much of an issue, but these seemingly minor problems will spread quickly. Routine pruning practices can trim away dead or diseased limbs, saving the rest of the tree or plant. Taking simple gardening shears to contaminated areas cannot properly remove the issue but can cause stress and lasting damage. If you are not familiar with all of the sensitive areas of plants, trust a pro to get results, safely.

Choosing a professional service for your pruning needs can extend the lifespan of your plants while keeping your property looking great. When you think of pruning services, it is common for your imagination to head right to flowers or rose bushes. While gardens are a common spot for trimming, our expertise translates to shrubs, trees and hedges as well. No matter the plant type, our specialists have the equipment to handle your problem areas. Snatching up a pair of pruning shears is easy, but over-trimming can cause damage to root systems and ultimately to the plant itself.

Eenie Meenie Miny Mow: Making the Right Choice

Pruning is a broad topic, involving many different types of plants. Taking care of gardens is different than tree trimming, but they both fall under this umbrella term. Trying to tackle problem areas, like high trees, mean hazards in the form of falling branches and contact with power lines. Professional services mean that your pruning, in all its forms is handled safely, with expert results. Each and every one of our specialists is fully insured while on the job, so our clients have nothing to worry about!

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