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Burnaby Gardening

Burnaby Gardening

Thriving gardens are known for their visual appeal and even raise property values. With nothing but benefits, it is surprising to see properties in the Burnaby area that are lacking these features. The sad reality is that not everyone has a green thumb! If you are looking to have a green space installed around your home or business or are having a hard time maintaining one – just call us! Eenie Meenie Miny Mow specialists can plant, monitor and care for your space with a proper Burnaby gardening service.

Maintaining Your Space

It is easy to let gardens get away from you. One busy week is enough to let growth, weeds and maintenance get out of hand. Try as hard as you might, keeping up with these can feel impossible and they can wear down the enjoyment of your space. With a bit of help to handle the tough stuff, you can enjoy your garden without the stress of its upkeep! Instead of focusing on your garden throughout the spring and summer months alone, home garden services can be used all year long. A properly manicured space can improve visual appeal, so why not keep your space in tip-top shape?

With green spaces in such short supply, it is important to create one that suits the needs of your property. Having a garden is not a cookie cutter hobby, with options of vegetable gardening, floral gardening or a mix of both. Before spending money on seeds, plant pots or wasting time on construction projects – set yourself up for success with professional help. The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow team can handle common plants as well as specialized greenery.

Why Go Pro

There is no shortage of gardening tips available to members of the Burnaby community. You might be trying to juggle sunlight, moisture or nutrients but they won’t work as well as our gardening services. The first step to any successful plant project is soil testing. A soil test can mean a world of difference to what you put in the ground. Don’t take chances with your property when you can call in a pro to create or maintain your outdoor areas. With a clear vision of foundations, there is no where to go but up.

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