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Burnaby Hedge Maintenance

Burnaby Hedge Maintenance

More so than being purely decorative, hedges are a perk for any property. Burnaby is densely populated, so privacy is a must. Tall hedges can serve to block out views from passersby, creating a mini-oasis for property owners and visitors. These plants create a necessary environment for wildlife in the area, as well. While hedges might be important, it is hard to know how to take care off them. Instead of struggling to carve out problem areas, call a professional for your Burnaby hedge maintenance.

Why Keep Hedges Clean

Organized spaces are good for the mind, and an organized outdoor space is good for appeal. While it is a chore for some, hedge trimming is a hobby for some – even at competitive levels! While the experts at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow are not creating masterpieces in shrubs, but they can create a masterpiece in your yard. Certain plants around your property will need specific tools to handle routine maintenance – namely a hedge trimmer! Early spring is the beginning of growing season, so residents can expect plants to shoot up in all directions. Grabbing a pair of hedge shears and tackling the odd stray is one thing, but keeping a uniform shape and straight lines is much more difficult. Our experts are able to treat existing hedges, as well as installing new ones. Using stakes and strings to keep growth level means your hedges will grow in just the way you want them.

Professional Hedge Trimming: Getting Results

Instead of only improving the look of your outdoor space, routine hedge maintenance can remove any dead areas, encouraging new growth. Sick or dead run-offs can strangle new growth, making your hedges patchy. Even informal hedges require regular care to keep their shape. Instead of taking off dead leaves with hand pruners or struggling to cut branches, have an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow specialists help out! Our maintenance experts arrive on scene with all the right tools and training to get the job done right.

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