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Burnaby Landscaping

Burnaby Landscaping

Some property owners see landscaping services as a luxury but proper maintenance and construction is really a necessity. For our designers, landscape services cover organics, additions and planning all in one fell swoop. A manicured lawn or garden area can improve visual appeal, raise property values and even increase foot traffic for storefronts. If you are looking to improve the outdoor space around your home or business, just call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow. Our exterior experts are available to service your residential, commercial and strata spaces. Create the outdoor space that you have been dreaming of with a professional Burnaby landscaping service.

More Than Basic Planting

The term landscaping covers a wide range of activities. Although maintenance of trees, plants and lawns is all in a days work – our specialists are capable of much more. Instead of planting alone, the experts at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow carry out construction projects of all sizes. Properties in the Burnaby area have their own range of both advantages and setbacks. By working with the angles and needs of your space, our experts create an appealing and manageable space for our clients.

Anyone can toss a bulb or shrub into a hole, but that does not guarantee success. Building an ideal space means designing layouts, choosing plants and creating a functional space. Each and every property has its own unique advantages and setbacks. Instead of fighting against the problem areas of your property, our landscape architects lean into them. Because each space is different, what works for your neighbour, might not look great on your space. Full-service landscaping services examine the look of the plants, fixtures and additions wanted by our clients and work with the property to make them happen.

The Importance of Routine

Instead of creating a plan that suits us, professional landscaping companies work alongside clients to achieve a vision that property owners can be proud of – and one that lasts! Initial installations and landscape designs do not last without proper upkeep. For those clients without the time or know-how to keep up appearances, all those efforts go out the window. Our experts are local to your area, so you are never left in the lurch! Prompt service, expert technique, and the option of scheduled maintenance mean that your property is always a priority.

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