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Burnaby Lawn Maintenance

Burnaby Lawn Maintenance

It is a full time job to keep exterior areas clean, organized and uniform. With heavy rain systems, a mild climate and fertile earth, plant growth in the Burnaby area is both fast and furious. Keeping on top of general growth, weeds and routine services can feel impossible – but it doesn’t have to! Don’t settle for an unappealing yard when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Burnaby lawn maintenance.

Basic lawn maintenance seems simple enough to handle on your own, but even routine practices have their draw backs. Properties in the Burnaby area come in all shapes and sizes but not everyone is equipped to handle them. Maintaining a healthy lawn does not mean having to stock pile hedge trimmers, mowers or aerators. Calling in a professional maintenance services not only treats problem areas directly, but it brings in the tools to get the job done correctly. Far from being regulated to just lawn mowing, specialized care covers any and all threats to your yard.

Why Choose Professional Burnaby Lawn Maintenance Services

There are not many people who are keen to finish up a long work day, only to rush home and cut grass. In fact, lawn cutting is an easy chore to ignore. Dodging your lawn mower for a couple days seems harmless enough but given the opportunity, grass will grow long. In addition to scraggly grass, weeds will pop up and soil will struggle to access proper nutrients. Unregulated growth can lead to discolouration (brownish grass) or dead patches. Instead of waiting until your yard has crossed into the realm of unappealing, call a professional to get the jump on damage.

What sets our lawn care services apart from the competition is our commitment to customer care, rigorous training programs and expert results. You are always in good hands with Eenie Meenie Miny Mow.

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