Burnaby Leaf Blowing – Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

Burnaby Leaf Blowing

Burnaby Leaf Blowing

There are plenty of chores out there that are taxing on property owners, but raking is right near the top of the list! Extended periods of raking, sweeping up, clearing out or exposure to pollen can be harmful to homeowners. Instead of choosing between an unkempt yard and hazards to your health – call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow instead! Our professional Burnaby leaf blowing service clears exterior areas quickly and effectively.

Fit For Spaces Great & Small

Leaf blowers might seem like they are designed for large yards or spaces, but there is no designated square footage for applying a bit of muscle to your outdoor space. There is plenty of debris scattered around your yard at any time of year. Fall sees blankets of leaves, needles, and twigs while spring and summer have garden trimmings and organic waste. There is nothing easier than accumulation but getting rid of these build-ups is tough. Choosing a leaf blower over a rake or by-hand pick up, means saving time and strain!

While you might be able to rent power tools from hardware stores, there is not always an instruction manual that comes along with them. Without the proper care, your DIY lawn refresh is no more than loudly moving debris from one area to another. A skilled hand can collect organics for mulch piles and compost heaps – or just make life easier by piling materials up for later clearing or removal.

Why Call The Pros

The whole point of outsourcing your basic home maintenance tasks is that the results are brought right to your door, while you can put your feet up. There are plenty of reasons that property owners send out for help but a lack of tools is key. Not everyone has the resources to purchase a leaf blower, the place to store them or the want to own them. Calling in a professional service gives you all of the good and carts the bad away along with our technicians.

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