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Burnaby Mosquito Control

Burnaby Mosquito Control

In a province known for its natural beauty, a few bugs are expected. Whether you are spending the day in the woods or sitting on a patio, bug bites are a reality – but they don’t have to be! If mosquito populations are driving you up the wall, just call an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert to kick the critters out. Our Burnaby mosquito control program uses an all-natural approach to keep pests away from homes, commercial properties, event centres and even sports fields. Don’t spend your time running from bugs when you can spend it running bases instead.

Understanding Your Outdoor Space

Green space is a hot commodity, especially in a highly populated urban environment. Lawns and gardens add curb appeal to your property, but they might be adding something else – insects! Long grass and damp environments create the perfect atmosphere for pests to hide, thrive and plot their hostile takeovers!

Sitting water is a reality in a damp climate and when combined with long grass, creates breeding grounds for female mosquitoes. With each day that passes, there are mosquitoes laying hundreds and hundreds of eggs either on your property or throughout the surrounding areas. Instead of learning to live with bugs and bites, our experts have come up with a system to create a welcoming environment for guests, while creating an inhospitable space for pests.

No matter which species of mosquitoes are skulking around your space, they all have one thing in common: water. More than needing a quick sip, female mosquitoes breed near (or directly in) stagnant water. While eggs are relatively non-threatening, these soon grown into mosquito larvae and before you know it, you are dealing with the dreaded, adult mosquito. Depending on what type of property you are dealing with, outdoor areas can be complicated. Something simple like an unemptied fountain or even flowerpots can house hundred of mosquitoes at a time.

Public Health & Safety

Everyone knows that mosquito bites leave itchy red marks behind. These are annoying at the best of times, but these welts can mean more serious issues. Insect bites are one of the most common allergens out there. What might be a small bump for some might turn into a large welt for others. In addition to encouraging and inflaming allergies, these bites are known to transmit disease. Throughout Canada and the United States, West Nile Virus is a real concern. The more bugs that are buzzing around your space, the greater the chance of negative side effects coming your way.

Plenty of property owners have tried to take pest control into their own hands, only to run into ineffective methods. The most common approach to dealing with insects are repellents, mosquitoes being no exception. At their best, insect repellents smell awful while providing superficial results. High tech mosquito traps and baits use carbon dioxide to lure insects in, but they can only hold so much. While it might seem simple enough to slather on creams or spray repellents, no one wants to live in a cloud of chemicals. That is why the aim of our specialists is preventing mosquitoes from getting comfortable.

Burnaby Mosquito Control: Getting Results

When you are tired of trying to kill mosquitoes one by one, our mosquito control methods can treat large areas at once. One of the most important things to do when managing a pest infestation, is to think both big and small. There is not much point in hunting down adult insects when there are eggs waiting in the wings. The key to success is to treat all stages of the life cycle. This sounds easy on paper, but it becomes tricky depending on the size and style of your space.

The trick to keeping biting bugs away is to create an unwelcoming environment for them. You might not be able to drive them out with heavy rock music, but you can use natural deterrents to force them off of your property. Combining essential oils with natural deterrents and applying them directly to plant life and greenery creates a barrier. These barrier sprays prevent pests from settling down, which means no more larvae and no more eggs, keeping your space, pest-free.

For commercial spaces or event centres, it is important to clear a path for their clients, which can mean focusing on pests for a single day or for an entire season. Our spray treatments can keep bugs away for three weeks at a time but do not come with an exact day guarantee. Instead of being surprised when insects come buzzing back, our team of lawn and garden experts arrive on-scene after 14 days to reapply sprays. This type of reapplication means mosquitoes can be kept away for a single month or an entire summer!

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