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Burnaby Pruning

Burnaby Pruning

Overgrown green spaces might be appealing out in nature, but unkempt city yards are not as visually appealing. The exterior areas of your property go through a lot, depending on seasonal conditions. Our Burnaby pruning service can take care of growth spurts during spring months, or can remove sick or dead plant life. Instead of letting yards and gardens run wild, call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for expert results.

The Importance of Professional Service

Natural growth might work in the wilderness but in urban environments, a controlled environment is necessary. Gardens, shrubs and trees are all at the mercy of the elements, irregular growth patterns, and it can be hard to keep up. Instead of having your yard looking more like a jungle than an appealing place to spend time – call in professional help! Routine maintenance is strongly recommended throughout growing seasons. In order to keep up with all the highs and lows of your property, our experts are available for scheduled routine maintenance, as well as call-out services.

Proper pruning techniques don’t just take shears to unruly trees and shrubs. Regular pruning techniques improve visual appeal but it is also used to remove dead materials, making room for new growth. The most important part of this maintenance practice is to understand the type of pruning necessary for your unique space. It might seem simple enough to take a pair of gardening sheers to a questionable growth but there is more to it than a couple of snips! Sure, pruning removes scraggly, healthy growth but it can also separate dead or diseased segments from healthy plants. The trick to successfully handling this type of green maintenance is to understand plant life.

Expert Results For Every Property

After years in the industry, our specialists have seen just about everything. From managing tight or hard to reach spaces, to tackling overgrown or neglected areas – there is nothing we can’t handle! With local experts roaming the Burnaby area, prompt service is right around the corner. Instead of treating clients as just another appointment, our local experts provide exceptional customer service by working alongside clients.

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