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Burnaby Weeding

Burnaby Weeding

Property owners work hard for their homes and commercial spaces, so it is no wonder that you want them looking great both inside and out. Colourful and appealing plants can draw in visitors and foot traffic, but they are difficult to maintain. You might try to fill your yard with beautiful flowers, only to find them strangled out by intrusive weeds. These unwelcome plants are ugly, destructive and reproduce at rapid rates. Don’t let your yard become overrun with weeds when help is only a phone call away. When you call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Burnaby weeding needs, you are setting your lawn and garden up for success.

Knowing Your Enemy

Every year, property owners sink a ton of time and money into their exterior spaces. These efforts might mean great results at the beginning but without proper maintenance they won’t last long. A healthy lawn can keep weeds at bay, but a single sign of weakness gives them a foot in the door. Weeds are tricky to handle, but they are also difficult to identify properly. Instead of just pulling unwelcome plants, professional Burnaby weeding services identify exactly what you are dealing with.

Weeds are often broken down categories, some of which are sneakier than others. Grassy weeds, for example, look like ordinary grass from a far but are actually invasive plants. Crab grass is a well-known grassy weed that tons of property owners are faced with every year. Broadleaf weeds are more recognizable than the grassy variety and can even be pretty at times. Dandelions are a key example of these types of invasive weeds, spreading quickly around any and all property types. Instead of struggling to keep up with invasive growth, call in the pros to keep these at bay.

Choosing Your Weed Control Services

Weeds are a constant threat to any and all property types. For something so common, you would think that there would be common treatment techniques. There are plenty of pesticides that can be picked up at the hardware store but what works for one pesky plant will not work for all of them. Using the wrong chemical methods can actually cause damage to your lawn. Instead of having a negative impact on one area, these sprays damage surrounding areas as well. Don’t bother with cheap treatments when our experts provide professional weeding and care services at competitive rates.

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