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Garden Maintenance Edmonton

Garden Maintenance Edmonton

House plants and thriving gardens are the newest trend in home care. There are plenty of succulents and rubber plants that can survive indoors with no more than a bit of water and sunlight. This is great but when it comes to lawn care and garden maintenance services for outdoor areas, greenery needs more support.

If your flower beds or greenhouses need a leg up – or you are wanting to install a new green space, call an experienced gardener for help. At Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!, our lawn and garden experts help to build and maintain green spaces with professional Edmonton gardening services.

The Perks of Professional Garden Maintenance

More than just adding a pop of colour or appealing scent to to your property, gardens are more important than ever. As cities become more urbanized, animal populations are suffering – particularly bees! These poor bugs are struggling to find new areas to pollinate on busy city streets, but property owners can help with that.

On its own, gardening can be a great hobby but it can also add value, curb appeal and help create a welcoming environment. This is a great feature both when selling your home or when encouraging foot traffic to your business. Keeping flowers or fruit trees looking their best is only one aspect of garden maintenance.

Proper installations begin from the ground up and that is what makes professional garden installations so important. Depending on what you are planting, certain areas will work better than others. Placement is key to a successful project but it can be difficult to navigate the different aspects of an exterior space.

Our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts can help plan and design a garden space so that it fits your yard nicely, while getting the right amount of water and sunlight. Specialized service can also help choose the right plants to suit your space.

Growing The Edmonton Area

Just because property owners don’t have a green thumb, doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on the perks of a thriving green space. A garden project is never fully finished. Choosing professional care means that you have help from the first stages of construction and planting, all the way to the end and then on through regular garden maintenance.

Local experts are always available to provide helpful hints or information that keep our clients in the loop.

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