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Hedge Trimming Edmonton

Hedge Trimming Edmonton

Hedges are all-star additions to any property. More than just adding a touch of greenery to your exterior spaces, these plants act as insulation. Lush growth restricts views from the street and protects your home or workplace from the elements.

When your house stays cool in the summer and lighting costs are down, you likely have your hedges to thank. A professional Edmonton hedge maintenance service keeps your green spaces healthy, happy and looking their best.

Keeping Your Space Ship-Shape

A proper hedge can be anything that you want it to be – with a bit of help from pruning and trimming services, that is. Instead of wooden stakes and panels, a hedge can act as fencing and as a deterrent for intruders. When they are not cared for, however, you might be dealing with bare patches or diseased branches.

Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts take the edge off – literally! Tree trimming helps keep lines clean and boosts curb appeal but it also improves overall conditions. One spot of disease can spread quickly, moving fast throughout the entire plant. To an untrained eye, these sick or problem areas can be tough to spot but not for someone with experience.

Expert care takes the guesswork out of your hedge maintenance. This type of greenery does not come in one distinct style. Some might be tall while others are short and this makes treatment all the more complicated. Managing hedge trimmers, for example is much more difficult than it looks.

A full-grown shrub is normally taller than the average individual but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be looked after. Getting up on a ladder and swinging a power tool is dangerous – so it is best left to the pros!

Hedge Trimming Services: Complete Care

In addition to pruning, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts specialize in shrub and tree planting. Healthy growth is largely reliant on proper tree planting and care. Our experts use stakes, string and measurements to properly stand and space plants so they are able to grow straight and tall.

Each of our services include instructions and care from the first stages, to the last. Poor plant conditions look terrible and are hazardous to your health and that is why our specialists offer 24hr emergency services across the Edmonton area.

Each member of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team is fully insured for both property and personal damage. When you are ready for great results and peace of mind, call in the professionals for a free estimate. Whether you are dealing with hedge trimming for residential or commercial properties, our staff can help, all the way from Sherwood Park to St. Albert.

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