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Edmonton Landscaping

Edmonton Landscaping

If interior design helps to create a welcoming indoor space, then landscaping can do the same for your yard. Between work and rest, Canadians spend the majority of their time inside, but our lawn care experts want to change that.

By creating an appealing outdoor space, our experts boost curb appeal, create the right impression and encourage property owners to enjoy the sunshine. It’s tough to imagine just how much your yard can change but our Edmonton landscaping helps to realize its full potential.

From Garden Beds to Gazebos

Unlike lawn mowing or leaf blowing, proper landscaping involves more than one dedicated task. The biggest downfall of amateur landscapers is a lack of proper planning. Whether you are adding, removing or a little of both, proper placement and considerations can make a world of difference.

Overhauling yards or heavy-duty construction projects require a lot of heavy lifting. No one wants to break ground on retaining walls, only to find out that they are crossing property lines. The same goes for laying a foundation for a gazebo on uneven ground. There are some landscaping projects that are more popular than others, like water features.

After all, who wouldn’t want to have their very own pond or fountain? These are nice to have but tough to install, but not for a landscaping contractor. When you are ready for quality workmanship, our landscape architects design and build around both residential and commercial properties.

Natural stone and brick are difficult to work with but they aren’t the only materials that pose problems. Installing artificial turf or sod are all parts of landscape design. Professional

Edmonton landscaping services can handle everything from general maintenance to complex hardscaping. Dealing in details is what sets our specialists apart from the competition.

Many landscaping companies in Edmonton are experienced in one particular field, without offering a full service approach for both residential and commercial spaces. Fortunately, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! offers unique landscaping, construction, maintenance and installation services.

The Right Landscaping Firm For You

With plenty of options throughout the Edmonton area, it is important to choose a company focused on the right things. At Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! customer service and results are our top priorities. Our experts offer services for unattached properties as well as strata and co-op spaces.

Instead of clocking out at the end of the day, our experts are always ready for aftercare. Local technicians mean that you are never left waiting long periods for your projects to be finished.

Whether your desired landscape features fire pits or paving stones, our experts can outfit your residential, commercial or multi-unit properties. Free estimates are a part of the EMMMOW guarantee, so don’t be afraid to call!

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