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Edmonton Lawn Maintenance

Edmonton Lawn Maintenance

A healthy lawn does not just happen. Green grass and inviting spaces require year-round care, an arsenal of tools and the technical training to put it all into practice. While some property owners struggle through online tutorials or trial and error, others choose professional lawn mowing services.

An experienced Edmonton lawn maintenance company like Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! can help your grass look great all year long. Hired care is a cost-effective way to help the front and back yard of your home or workspace look its best without the time or physical strain of doing it yourself.

Lawn Maintenance: A Broad Spectrum of Care

Yard maintenance services might sound like a specific set of tasks but it is really an umbrella term for anything that keeps grass green and uniform. For example, a residential lawn care service in Edmonton includes trimming to aeration, to power raking. Plant life is under constant pressure from the elements and other natural factors, which require solutions.

A proper lawn care program handles everything from the soil, root systems and up. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, our experts have to be able to identify and treat everything from overgrown grass, to compacted soil and dead grass. It is easy enough to water your lawn but weed control and core aeration are more difficult tasks.

Instead of offering up one task at a time, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! offers full programs designed to make your spring clean up a success. Some chores can be carried out annually as part of a spring sprucing or fall clean up but others require a bit of routine. Leaving lawn mowing for long periods means unruly growth and vulnerable grass.

Pulling out a basic mower means grass clippings left behind, and one big mess. Professional care means that our specialists leave no trace of our services behind. Clients can rest assured that trimmings and clippings are bagged and taken away.

Choosing Professional Lawn Care Services

Lawn maintenance services keep yards weed free, while providing grass with all the water and nutrients to help it thrive. On paper, this seems easy enough but it takes years of training and experience to get it just right. Local technicians provide top-rate customer service to all of our clients across the Edmonton area.

Each member of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! staff operate fully insured for both property damage and personal injury. Whether you are looking for a basic cut and trim, an aeration or complete lawn replacements, our experts get top results at a competitive rate. Call today for a free quote and get the ball rolling on your outdoor oasis.

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