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Edmonton Mosquito Control

Edmonton Mosquito Control

There are plenty of pests throughout the city of Edmonton and the surrounding area, but mosquitoes might just be the worst. These biting bugs are always after their next blood meal, which means you are always on the menu. Instead of learning to live with itchy bites and bothersome buzzing, turn to Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for relief!

Our Edmonton mosquito control programs provide relief to any and all property types.Whether you are working with a residential property, commercial space, multi-unit area, recreation centre or even a campground, our experts have got you covered. Don’t let uninvited guests make a meal out of you when our lawn and garden specialists can get the bugs out for you.

Fighting for Territory

When insects are driving you up the walls, property owners are quick to call a pest control firm to resolve their issues. This makes sense when managing indoor areas but when it comes to preventing mosquitoes from taking over, there is a better solution: lawn treatments. Everyone knows that the main attractant for blood-sucking bugs is a hot meal but there are other factors at play around your property. If mosquito populations are on the rise around your home or workplace, there is something that brought them there.

No matter the species of mosquito that you are dealing with, these irritating invaders have a few things in common, namely standing water. April showers might bring May flowers, but excessive moisture also means an ideal environment for bugs. Female mosquitoes breed either directly in or near to stagnant water. This could be something as ordinary as a puddle, bird bath or flowerpots that have collected rain fall.

Once these bugs breed, there are hundreds of eggs and mosquito larvae just waiting for their chance to make you into a meal. Try as they might, regular insect repellents cannot manage whole infestations. More than being a simple annoyance, mosquito bites can pose serious health risks. Across Canada and the United States, there are serious concerns about allergic reactions and even West Nile Virus.

Instead of wasting time on ineffective repellents, mosquito control programs work to create a barrier, preventing these insects from getting comfortable. In the Edmonton area, mosquito season can last from the first days of spring until the first frost. This is a lot of time to be fleeing from flying assailants. Don’t let a pest infestation ruin your summer fun when our experts have developed a system that works!

Edmonton Mosquito Control: How It Works

Mosquito traps are a dime a dozen. It is possible to walk into a hardware store or gardening centre and walk out with ten or more physical traps, baits, repellents or torches, only to have none of them work. On the higher end, more sophisticated traps might use carbon dioxide to lure and trap insects while others might use citronella to provide a few feet of relief. The reality is that if an adult mosquito wants to take a bite out of you, it will find a way.

Whether you are looking to repel or kill mosquitoes, it is important to think bigger in order to get the best results. Instead of treating a fraction of overall pest populations, our lawn and garden specialists build a barrier that keeps bugs from getting comfortable within your space. With no adult insects left to rebuild populations, you can rest easy knowing that your property will stay pest-free.

Each spray treatment is all-natural and can be applied directly to grass, plant life and green spaces without the threat of damage. These sprays are made up of a combination of essential oils and natural repellents, cresting an inhospitable environment for them but a great atmosphere for your human guests. Treatments are designed to last up to three weeks but in order to maintain results, our specialists arrive back on-scene after two.

Because Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! does not use chemicals, treatments can be reapplied as many times as you would like them to be. The option of frequent treatments means that these programs can suit any type of event. You might be looking to banish bugs for a single-day event like a wedding or family reunion, but our services can do so much more than just that. Camping trips, sports tournaments, restaurant patios and even golf courses can benefit from moratorium on mosquitoes!

Instead of just aiming, spraying and walking away, our experts work alongside clients, inspecting the grounds and pointing out any potential problem areas. This extra step ensures that our clients get the most out of their service, with the longest lasting results.

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