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Langley Aeration

Langley Aeration

In a tough climate like Langley’s, there are plenty of reasons that your lawn can give you grief. Droughts throughout summer months and over saturation in winter can contribute to unhealthy lawns. While you can try to correct these issues where you can, there are new problems lurking just below the surface. Professional Langley aeration services treat your lawn below the surface and make way for healthy growth up top.

When To Consider Aeration

It can be tough to diagnose the real issues with your lawn. Healthy growth is a delicate balance of nutrients and other resources. If your outdoor space is showing signs of ill-health, it could mean that something sinister is going on right under your nose. The main culprit for dying or spotted grass is usually compaction or lawn thatch. Both of these phenomenon starve plant life out of nutrients in their own unique ways. In the case of compaction, soil is pressed together so tightly that nothing can pass through it. This keeps necessary nutrients out. Thatch works in the same way, with roots and shoots preventing any flow-through and strangles out new and healthy growth. The only way to break through these troublesome layers is with a professional lawn aeration service.

Plotting Your Lawn Maintenance

Far from just stabbing holes into grass and gardens, proper aeration requires that oxygen and water are able to reach the roots of plant life. Shoving a spade into the dirt might help get out some aggression, but it won’t benefit your lawn! In order to get results, you must understand the process, practice timing, and have the tools to get the job done.

Like other maintenance practices, there are different ways to get the job done, namely spike and core aeration. A spike aerator works by pushing spikes deep into earth, creating an opening for water to reach lower levels. Instead of just punching into earth, core aerators dig down to remove soil in plugs. By calling in landscape services at the outset of the warm season, grass has the chance to thrive early on. Don’t start off on the wrong foot when our experts

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