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Langley Fertilizing

Langley Fertilizing

Who doesn’t want a healthy lawn or garden? These might be great additions to any property, but getting there takes considerable time and skill. Not everyone has the time or technique to achieve lush grass or plant life – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it anyway! If your lawn is showing signs of ill-growth, our experts can address any lack of necessary nutrients with our Langley fertilizing services.

What Fertilizing Can Do For You

The overall goal of fertilizing is to give lawns and gardens what they want. It is a simple enough conclusion, but much more difficult in practice. Everyone knows that plants require water, sunlight and oxygen to survive, but there are more ingredients than just the obvious. A healthy lawn is made up of a proper balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Without the right chemical levels, your lawn can show signs of nonuniform growth, dead spots or discolouration. Langley lawn fertilizing helps to improve the condition and look of your lawn. Instead of just grabbing a bag of fertilizer and sprinkling it around problem areas, proper lawn maintenance services diagnose your lawn to come up with the right mix.

The Perks of Professional Lawn Care

There is more to proper fertilizing than throwing down materials and calling it a day. Something as simple as knowing the right time to fertilize can mean a world of difference. Early spring is the beginning of growing season and therefore a popular time to apply fertilizer. There is no shortage of chemical mixes that can be picked up from any garden centre. Knowing which one is right for you requires soil testing. Applying the wrong balance of chemicals can damage the condition of your lawn, either by not providing necessary nutrients or even causing chemical burns. Understanding the unique needs of every type of grass is a tall order – but our experts are familiar with all types of plant life.

When you need to “feed” your lawn, don’t run the risk of the wrong diet! Call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow today for all the right ingredients to help your grass grow. Lush lawns and healthy gardens are only a phone call away with local, professional and competitively priced lawn care services.

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