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Langley Pruning

Langley Pruning

For properties in the Langley area, exterior maintenance is never fully finished. While owners are keen to outfit spaces with new and exciting plants, it is important to keep proper pruning practices in mind. More than just creating a uniform look, professional Langley pruning services can encourage growth, and can even save sick or diseased plants. Our lawn and garden experts provide full service care for residential, commercial and strata properties in the Langley area.

The Perks of Professional Tree Care

Gardening and horticulture might be a popular hobby but it is also a science. Instead of guessing as to what will work, exterior areas need to be cultivated – and maintained – carefully! If tree or shrub growth begins to get out of control, inner areas are restricted from proper sunlight and oxygen. Shrubs, bushes, trees and hedges are always at risk from environmental factors. Branches, roots and other areas can easily become diseased, with infections spreading quickly if left untreated. Calling in an experienced service to remove dead or diseased can stop the spread of infections and even save plants!

Effective pruning services require more than grabbing a pair of shears and clipping away. When in the capable hands of lawn and garden specialists, pruning can extend the life and condition of your exterior plants. Inexperienced practices can, however, harm plants and impair proper growth. In the same way that humans experience stress, so do plants. Stressing plants can mean impaired growth, and opens the door for irreparable damage. Don’t take matters into your own hands when you can have an expert do it for you. In addition to being inconvenient, pruning requires a set of specialized tools, which can be expensive and even dangerous. Every year, property owners hurt themselves through inexperienced use of power tools or falling branches. Stay in one piece by calling Eenie Meenie Miny Mow.

Eenie Meenie Miny Mow: Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

Pruning is a very broad topic, covering anything from snipping rogue growths to hedge trimming and removal of branches. Trimming trees is simple enough on paper but it can be a dangerous job. Professional pruning removes diseased appendages, encourages healthy growth, and improves curb appeal of properties. With expert customer service and competitive pricing, whats not to love?!

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