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Maple Ridge Aeration

Maple Ridge Aeration

Life just wouldn’t be possible without oxygen, water and sunlight. This is true for people but it is also true for plants. All too often, lawns and gardens are suffering because they are not getting the necessary resources. There are plenty of reasons that this might be happening but only an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert can help diagnose and treat your lawn. A professional Maple Ridge aeration gives new life to your lawns by providing all the necessary keys to success.

The Basics of Lawn Aeration

Aeration might sound like a fancy process but it really comes down to holes. If something is in your way, you move it and if you can’t move it, you punch through. This is exactly what the aeration process is. There may not be anything wrong with your lawn or garden at the surface level but there is more going on below ground. When greenery is showing signs of trouble, it is more than likely due to either lawn thatch or compaction. Both of these phenomenon have similar results but their roots are very different. Compaction refers to tightly packed dirt that won’t admit resources through to those areas that need it. Thatch also restricts the flow of sunlight, oxygen and water. Grass roots and shoots below the soil surface become targeted and strangle the plant life above. These are the things that need to be punched through.

Getting Results

This process can be done in one of two ways, which are manually and with aeration machines. Manual methods or spike aerators penetrate the soil through force creating a pathway for air, water and nutrients. Depending on the severity of your compacted soils and thatch, core aeration services might be the way to go. A plug aerator not only digs deep but also removes soil cores on its way out.

Without the right type of tools, this type of lawn care can be tricky. For homeowners with large properties, mechanical solutions are a must. Instead of heavy-duty manual labour and expensive purchases, it is better to call in a professional lawn care service. Specialists arrive on scene with all the right tools to assess and treat problem areas. Assessments shed light on everything that is going on under the surface. Clients have the opportunity to get informed about the threats facing their lawns, the keys to proper detection and  can help create a schedule for routine care. Whether it is spring or fall, an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! technician can do it all!

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