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Maple Ridge Fertilizing

Maple Ridge Fertilizing

Life is all about balance. In order to stay healthy, humans need a bit of this, a dash of that and a pinch of the other. Plants work the same way. It is impossible for lawns to stay lush and healthy without the right balance of resources and chemicals. If your grass or gardens aren’t looking their best, professional services are the answer. A Maple Ridge fertilizing service provides outdoor spaces with the balance that they need to thrive.

Fertilizer: More Than a Bad Reputation

Spending an afternoon fertilizing lawns is not ideal for everyone. In fact, when most people think of fertilizer, they think of – well, they think of compost. On top of being unwilling, many property owners and managers don’t understand the proper way to apply this gardening tool. Every batch of fertilizer is made with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in different quantities. Dropping two pounds of nitrogen onto a lawn that lacks phosphorous won’t do anything to help your issues. In fact, it can have the exact opposite effect. Chemical resources occur naturally in soil but can become unbalanced for many reasons. This makes soil testing an integral part of lawn fertilizing services. Fertilizers are a way of restoring the peace by filling voids and eliminating excess in all types of grass. Cool season grasses and warm season grasses face their own unique challenges, so before you apply fertilizer – even organic fertilizers – call a professional.

Why Choose Professional Care

Chemistry might come easily to some but there is a big difference between working out an equation on paper and putting it into practice. When it comes time to feed your lawn, the wrong formula in a fertilizer can have a major impact. At the best case scenario, you will see no change and will have wasted your time and money. The worst case scenarios can mean burned patches of lawn. Don’t leave your lawn care in inexperienced hands when you can have specialist care! The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! approach involves soil testing and analysis, applications and after care. Instead of throwing down fertilizer and hoping for the best, our teams don’t stop working until you are satisfied with your results. Calling in an expert during early spring means grass starts off the season on the right foot. Healthy grass growth does not stop at the surface but depends on proper root growth and root development.

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