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Maple Ridge Lawn Mowing

Maple Ridge Lawn Mowing

For many property owners, lawn care is pretty cut and dry. Water the lawn, cut the grass, and call it a day. It must come as a real surprise when yards are suffering. There might not seem like a right or wrong way to trim your grass but there is. New techniques and technology pave the way for success while outdated tactics can only spell failure. Overlooking even small details can have a dramatic impact on your grass. Luckily, professional Maple Ridge lawn mowing services leave nothing to chance when it comes to your property.

The Importance of Proper Mowing

Yards and exterior spaces are made up of many moving parts. It is easy to get caught up with planting, pruning and weed control. While property owners are dividing their attention, grass is always growing. Push mowers might have been the way that your grandparents took off length but lawn tools have come a long way since then. Whether working with a gas, electric or even riding mower, one thing stays the same: the blades. In the same way that hairs split, so do blades of grass. Something as simple as the edge of your lawn mower blades can take your grass from overgrown, to split. As tops become brown and crunchy, the look of your lawn suffers. Canadian property owners are always juggling day-to-day tasks, so the condition of mower blades usually takes a back seat. Taking machines apart, carting blades to be sharpened and reattaching them takes time and energy – but not when you call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Our specialists arrive on the scene with all the right tools to treat your yard right.

In addition to the right tools for the job, our lawn and garden experts can navigate the tricky spaces around your property. Grass cutting services rarely have the chance at a clean and level yard. Some spaces might be rocky or un-level, making mowing more difficult than it needs to be. There are plenty of pitfalls that make this aspect of spring cleaning a real pain. Amateur lawn maintenance leaves messy pieces behind. Any grass trimming project that you take on, is at the mercy of the structures around your property. A patio, walkways or retaining walls are tough to cut around and this means that pieces get missed.

Choosing Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! For Landscape Maintenance

Property maintenance is of the utmost importance to both owners and managers and this makes it important to our experts. Yard work isn’t just a chore, its an art. Mowing your lawn does not involved brushes or an easel but it does demand practice and dedication. Because our specialists are local to your community, they actually care about the outcome of your cutting, trimming and edging. By providing cost-effective solutions to lawn care needs, owners can rest easy behind uniform grass. For larger properties, getting your yard clean on your own can be an all-day event but it doesn’t have to be.

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