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Maple Ridge Leaf Blowing

Maple Ridge Leaf Blowing

A blanket of organic debris is normal during spring and fall months. As the winds change, so do the issues that property owners are facing. Being buried in organics isn’t fun for anyone, especially not those visiting your home or workplace. Instead of spending hours of push and pull with a rake, call a professional Maple Ridge leaf blowing to make your space more manageable.

Leaf Blowing: A DIY Don’t

In an ideal world, lawns and gardens would be bale to take care of themselves. Since this isn’t possible, it is up to owners to remove debris on their own. Now, spending the day outdoors in the sunshine doesn’t sound so bad – and if you have to rake, who cares, right? Raking up yards doesn’t seem so bad at first, but after half an hour, it is a different story. Blisters begin to form, backs begin to ache and being outside stops being fun and starts being a chore. In addition to physical pain, an untamed lawn can lead to property damage as well, namely in the form of pests. A damp, covered environment might as well be a four seasons for rodents and insects. If these pests are getting comfortable around your home or workplace, it is only a matter of time until they creep inside. Leaf blowing is a quick way to cut back on manual labour, getting results quickly and letting you enjoy the sunshine.

Depending on what types of trees are lining your property, maintenance services might be a weekly necessity or part of a fall cleanup. In either case, any professional lawn care company knows that yard waste is a chore, but so is removing the leaves! Instead of the slow process of raking, a leaf blower can take your project from hours to minutes. Aiming one of these machines at the ground and shooting air doesn’t mean that the job is done. In fact, an amateur process can send debris scattering all over the place. With Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! our leaf blowing service directs debris into designated areas, bags it and removes it. What could be easier than that?

The Benefits of Full Service Care

Many property owners opt for DIY in order to save a bit of money. It is important be to conscious of costs when it comes to lawn maintenance but it is important to understand exactly what you are getting – and what it is worth. Time is money but so is equipment. You can’t cut the effort without adding cost. Purchasing a heavy-duty tool like a blower requires up front capital but it also means maintenance costs. A removal service, only costs when you want it to. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! offers free estimates based on the size of your space and routine vs. irregular servicing. Commercial properties require a more scheduled approach in order to keep visuals up while residential and strata spaces have a different set of needs. No matter where you lay your head at night, our experts can have those leaves blown away in no time. Any time a power tool is involved, there is a bit of risk. Even after years in the industry, specialists can be surprised. The odd stone or weakened construction material can mean damage in the wrong hands. Our experts operate fully insured to protect themselves and their clients from accidents or unnecessary damage.

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