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Prince Albert Aeration

Prince Albert Aeration

Complicated lawn care services can be enough to make you scream! It might be frustrating to deal with sickly grass or a struggling lawn but a bit of muscle can help cut through problem areas to achieve a healthy lawn. Instead of superficial results, a professional Prince Albert aeration service digs deep to get the best results possible. Lawn care experts are able to cut through problem areas, helping homes and commercial spaces achieve healthy lawns.

Finding Balance

Proper lawn care means more than weed control and lawn mowing. It is easy to see when outdoor spaces are growing out of control but when it comes to grass roots and unseen areas, it becomes trickier. In order to thrive, lawns need oxygen, water and nutrients. Removing just one of these is enough to send your grass into a tailspin. All of these occur organically out in nature but in an urban environment, it becomes more difficult. Maintaining balance is hard enough without having lawn thatch or compaction working against you. Compaction is a fancy word for when compacted soil prevents nutrients and other resources from reaching down into soil. Thatch occurs when organics and natural obstacles become tangled up, strangling grass and plant life. Lawn aeration is the process of punching through these obstacles in order to give your grass a fighting chance.

Most lawn maintenance occurs during early spring or fall months. Whether you are dealing with warm season grasses or cool season grasses, there is never a bad time to care for your yard. Aeration is used to penetrate the soil creating pathways to carry resources but there is more than one way to get this job done. A spike aerator operates by driving spikes down through thatch while core aeration – or plug aeration – works by pulling soil out. A plug aerator digs into dirt, where it removes soil cores, leaving opened access points behind.

Getting the Best Results for Your Prince Albert Aeration

Basic property maintenance like snow removal, can be done by just about anybody. When it comes to more complicated services like aeration, it is best to call in a professional. Your lawn needs special care, right from the grass seed and onward. This is a lot to take in! Luckily, the specialists at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! have spent years in the industry, learning everything that there is to know. In order to bring the best results to our communities, all of our lawn and garden experts are local to your area. By choosing local services, clients can rest easy knowing that their properties are never put on the back burner.

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