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Prince Albert Gardening

Prince Albert Gardening

Everyone likes a green space but putting in the time and effort required to keep a thriving garden isn’t possible for everyone. Some property owners don’t have time to dedicate to planting and nurturing a garden and others just don’t want to. Whatever your reason for staying out of the dirt, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! specialists don’t mind diving right in. Before you resign yourself to toiling with turf or breaking your back over bulbs, consider a professional landscaping service. Choosing an expert Prince Albert gardening service means that you have practical guidance and treatment from the planning stages and onward. Just because gardening is a passion, doesn’t guarantee that you will get results but professional garden care does!

Planting & Garden Maintenance

When it comes to outdoor spaces, clean lines can make or break a property. It is common enough to wait for spring or fall cleans, but this isn’t enough to keep your garden bed healthy. When it comes to outdoor spaces, clean lines can make or break a first impression. Leaving plant life to grow wildly out of control can mean a drop in curb appeal, the spread of disease or even physical damage to plants. Maintained gardens, on the other hand, only serve to benefit homes and businesses. Thriving plant life can draw the eye of passersby and even encourage foot traffic to your storefront or patio.

Most people have a favourite flower. Some of these are tropical or delicate and some people might not want flowers at all. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens and even shrubs require proper planning before they are installed. Digging up a patch of earth and throwing down bulbs is not enough to spell success. By understanding the layout of your lawn, you can tell which areas receive the most sunlight and the least. This makes it possible to successfully plant all sorts of greens with all sorts of needs. These types of garden designs set your yard up for success while widening the scope of what you should and shouldn’t plant. Having a clear idea of what will and won’t work before starting on your project prevents waste. Time is money so don’t get stuck spending it trying to revive wilting plants. Spending hundreds of dollars on gardening supplies, seeds and bulbs won’t get results in an inhospitable environment. When your green space is beyond a bit of plant food or watering, call in the professionals to create an ideal space right in your backyard.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Prince Albert Gardening

Design, planting and even construction are all within the wheelhouse of our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts. Each member of our staff is able to properly assess and treat all property types according to their unique needs. Because our lawn care and gardening specialists are local to your area, we are able to provide timely service and aftercare. Fully insured service means that clients don’t have to worry about any property or personal damage.

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