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Prince Albert Pruning

Prince Albert Pruning

Much like it is with human children, everything is fun and games when it comes to young trees and new gardens. Newly planted greenery is colourful and full of life, but they don’t stay like that for long without the right type of care. Regular care and tree service is important but proper care extends to fruit trees, flowers, shrubs and hedges as well. No matter what type of plants you are dealing with – there is always pruning required. If you are having a difficult time managing healthy growth, just call an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert for your Prince Albert pruning services.

Looks & Safety

When it comes to plants, bigger isn’t always better. As shrubs, hedges or even a large tree stretch upward, it becomes difficult to keep growth in check. Top branches are known to stretch to new heights, which puts tree pruning into a whole new world of dangerous. The taller trees get, there is a greater chance of running into dangerous materials, like power lines. Heavy winds and storms can mean dead branches come tumbling down, causing major damage. If you remove dead branches, there is less risk of them falling onto vehicles, hitting windows or even hurting someone. In order to remove the threat of a major hazard, tree trimming is a must.

Tree work is important but it is only one part of proper service. Shrub pruning helps to keep plants and hedges healthy. The right pruning technique can trim away large and small branches but they can also help encourage new growth, limit disease and improve curb appeal. Just having plants and trees grow upright does not mean that they are in good condition. Hedges, for example, are quite bushy and without proper care, can hide dead patches inside or even act as homes to pests.

Prince Albert Pruning: All the Right Moves

Snipping off a dead bulb here or there seems simple enough but there is more to pruning than just that. Over-doing it can mean stunted growth while not doing enough might as well not be doing anything at all. The right tools for the job can make or break a project but our experts are prepared for anything. With an arsenal of tools ranging from hand shears and hedge trimmers to a bucket truck, service has never been easier. Full service pruning and tree care extends beyond just general needs and results. Each and every Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! specialist is licensed and insured, providing peace of mind and a great looking space.

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